Advertising Partners


Want to reach an engaged audience with your advertising message? As you may already know, online video is a highly-engaging medium, and the young male audience is the most engaged demographic group on the web (Sysomos, Oct 2009). With CindyClips, we’ve paired up thousands of world-class video shorts, primarily aimed at the teen/young-adult audience, with pre-roll and companion ads to deliver a highly-effective campaign opportunity.

CindyClips Players


Plus, with CindyClips players on hundreds of hand-picked, high-quality websites, your advertising message is in good hands. We go through a rigorous screening processes to ensure that the material surrounding your message isn’t objectionable or conflicting with your campaign.

We’ve also got the eyeballs – millions of them, to ensure you can get your message out to a substantial audience. Here’s how we break down:

  • 70% between 12-34
  • 60/40 Male/Female Split
  • 65% in Households with $60,000+ Income
  • Heavy entertainment consumers – games, movies, mobile, etc.