We've assembled an amazing collection of online Clips to add to your websites - including Happy Tree Friends, Dilbert and New Yorker Animated Cartoons. Sign up today and start earning additional revenue for your websites!

CindyClips.com is short for online video syndication.


Finding fresh, fun and free content for your website can be a challenge, but discovering new ways to grow your revenue is typically even harder. Adding a CindyClips player to your site helps overcome both of these hurdles, by presenting short video clips to your users, preceeded by a pre-roll advertisement, which result in CPMs far higher than your standard display banner. We share the resulting revenue with you, and tracking your views and revenue is easy with our CindyClips Online Panel. Sign up, add a line of code to your site, and you're in business! It's all free, so click below to find out more.

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CindyClips has assembled a rapidly-growing network of hand-selected websites that each present our collection of professionally-produced videos to their users. With over 100 websites in our network, we stream over 20 million views a month, along with a pre-roll advertisment and companion banner, providing a sizeable audience for premium advertisers. We favor the teen/young-adult demographic, 70% of our audience is 12-34, and 60% is male. Click below to find out more about the CindyClips network.

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